Temporary Removable Partial Denture

Temporary Removable Partial Dental Prosthesis is incorporated into a total denture treatment plan for various reasons. Temporary removable partial dentures are typically made of acrylic resin with wire retention and may include other components to provide support.

Sometimes replacement of missing teeth is necessary for short period of time such as for the sake of appearance while tissue is healing. Various functions of temporary denture for the partial edentulism strive to achieve the temporary goals with minimum time and cost.

Maxillary Temporary Removable Partial Denture

Photo 1 shows a transitional removable partial denture for a patient whose oral hygiene and periodontal condition is very poor.

It is important that patients be made aware that such dentures are temporary and may jeopardize the integrity of adjacent teeth and health of supporting tissues if worn for extended period of time. Periodic recalls and assessments are important during the use of temporary RPD.

The Need for Temporary Partial Denture

The following are the reasons why temporary dentures are incorporated into prosthodontic treatment:
1. Esthetics.
2. Space maintenance.
3. To reestablish occlusal relationships.
4. To condition teeth and residual ridges.
5. Interim restoration during treatment.
6. To condition the patient for wearing a denture.


A temporary removable partial denture replaces missing teeth for the sake of appearance.

Space Maintenance

It is necessary to maintain a space which results from new extractions or traumatic loss of teeth. A temporary RPD is usually prescribed to prevent undesirable migration and extrusion of adjacent or opposing teeth until a final denture is delivered.

Reestablishment of Occlusal Relationships

Temporary removable partial dentures may be used as occlusal splints in the same manner as resin occlusal splints are used on natural dentition.

Teeth and Residual Ridges Conditioning

Temporary RPD is used for a period of time to stimulate the underlying supporting tissue. By wearing a temporary denture, both abutment teeth and supporting tissue are conditioned to be more capable of providing continued support for the Definitive Removable Partial Denture.

Conditioning the Patient for Wearing a Denture

A temporary partial denture can be made for a patient whose oral hygiene and periodontal condition is very poor. The patient is being conditioned in making a transition to complete denture because the total loss of teeth is inevitable.

[1] Carr AB et al: McCracken’s Removable Partial Prosthodontics 11 th ed. Elsevier Mosby 2005
[2] To know more about the estimated cost of dentures, view this page: Dentures Cost Guide

Written by:
Jesus Lecitona+, DMD, MScD-Prosthodontics
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