Equipoise Removable Partial Denture

Equipoise is balance of force design. The design creates forces along the long axis of the abutment tooth with passive retention. All clasping in this Removable Partial Denture System is designed intra-arch. E-clasps are designed on the mesial or distal aspect of the teeth facing the edentulous area. This is to reduce the lateral torque. There are no clasps on the buccal or lingual of teeth.

Principles of Equipoise Removable Partial Denture
1. Minimum strain to the abutment.
2. Greater retention.
3. Improved esthetics.

Equipoise Removable Partial Denture

Criteria fulfilled by Equipoise Design of Removable Partial Denture
Built in Permanence

Equipoise removable partial denture E-clasp

Interproximal guide plane is essential for proper reciprocation inside the arch. The rest and interproximal guide plane are placed on the abutment tooth opposite the edentulous area. The interproximal guide plane is placed between the abutment tooth and the adjacent tooth. Approximately 1/2 mm is removed from the abutment tooth and approximately 1/2 mm from the adjacent tooth. During function, the interproximal guide plate and contoured rest stabilize the tooth in the long axis. The clasp facing the edentulous area moves away from the tooth in the same direction as the denture base.

Written by:
Jesus Lecitona, DMD
Website: Dentures
PDA Information Committee Member
PDA Pangasinan Chapter
PDA San Juan City Chapter

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  1. nitesh says:

    what is modification of equipoise to avoid destructive preparation

    • You always have to do mouth preparation for Equipoise RPD. If you think that the preparation needed for equipoise is too destructive you have to consider other clasp design.

  2. Thanks for the heads up.

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