Acrylic Resin Removable Partial Denture

Acrylic Resin Upper Removable Partial Denture - Occlusal

Acrylic resin removable partial denture with wire retainers is sometimes recommended for frail elderly patients. It is justified by the notion that acrylic resin is faster and easier to work with, affordable and amenable to repair. Acrylic resin prosthesis treatment is used because the remaining teeth are periodontally compromised, patients tend to exhibit poor oral hygiene and poor cooperation. Acrylic RPD can also be transformed if extractions become necessary.

Acrylic Resin Upper Removable Partial Denture - Tissue Side

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  1. ASHLY SMITH says:

    well, is the first time that i need a partial and i don’t know which one is the best material.
    i am looking for something that looks natural and last for at least five years or easy to repair

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