Fixed Partial Denture : Implant Angled Abutments

While tightening the abutment screw, correct position of the Dental Implant Angled Abutments for fixed partial denture is maintained by doing this procedure: A silicone putty index may be made from the master cast, placed palatally and grooved by a guide-pin, reduced in length to 2 threads and placed in the hole for the gold screw. This guide pin may then be used to support the abutment firmly in place while tightening the abutment screw.

Angled Abutments - Dental Implants

Wax-up for Fixed Partial Denture for this Dental Implant case. Porcelain Crown will also be made for Tooth number 22.

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  1. July 15, 2013

    […] screw is that component which secures the dental implant abutment to the dental implant […]

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