Fixed Partial Denture: E-Max

E-max is Lithium Disilicates micro structurally and have a higher strength of 360 Mpa. This high strength is attributed to the crystal size and orientation. It is used for crowns and bridges up to 2nd premolars. It can be built up using ceramic material for characterizations. E-Max can be used for discolored teeth. It can be cemented using any cement.

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The Lithium Disilicate used for milling is produced in the same way as the pressing ingot but an intermediate crystallization is achieved in order to ensure that the blocks can be milled efficiently. The intermediate crystallization process leads to the formation of lithium metasilicate crystals which are responsible for the processing properties and its machinability.

After the milling process, the crowns are fired in a ceramic furnace in order that they reach their final state and strength.

The microstructure of the intermediate crystallized phase consists of 40% platelet shaped lithium metasilicate crystals embedded in the glassy phase and the crystal range from 0.2 – 1.0 um. Post crystallization 70% fine grain lithium disilicate crystals embedded in the glassy matrix is obtained.

In pressable lithium disilicate, the millable blocks are also colored using color ions. The coloring is in a different state of oxidation during intermediate phase.

[1] IPS e.max
[2] IPS e.max Veneers – Lithium Disilicate Veneers –

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Written by:
Jesus Lecitona+, DMD, MScD-Prosthodontics
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