Dental Bridge Cost

Cost of 3-Unit Crown & Bridge / Dental Bridge Cost Abroad

Updated: August 17 2017

Dental Bridge Cost in Australia
$2, 785 to $4, 695

Dental Bridge Cost in US
$4,505 to $6,005

Dental Bridge Cost in Thailand
$645 to $945

Dental Bridge Cost in India
$425 to $905

Dental Bridge Cost in Philippines
$455 to $955

Dental bridge cost vary depending on:
1. location of dental office (city or country)
2. difficulty of the case
3. material to be used in the dental bridge (porcelain fused to metal, all porcelain / all ceramic, Zirconia or Alumina precious or non-precious metal)
4. specialization of the dentist (standards of dentistry, dentist’s experience and level of training)
5. fees charged by dental technologist/dental laboratory
6. other dental procedures needed to teeth ajacent to the abutments.

Source: Cost of Dental Bridge

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