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Abutment post 0

Abutment post

Abutment post is that component of a dental implant abutment which extends into the internal structure of a dental implant and is used to provide retention and/or stability to the dental implant abutment.

Abutment healing cap 0

Abutment healing cap

Abutment healing cap is any temporary cover used to provide a seal over the superior portion of a dental implant; most such covers are metallic and are intended for interim usage following exposure of...

Abutment driver 0

Abutment driver

Abutment driver is any hand instrument usually specifically made to assist in insertion and securing of a dental implant abutment to the superior portion of a dental implant.

Abutment clamp 0

Abutment clamp

Abutment clamp is any device used for positioning a dental implant abutment upon the dental implant body.

Abutment analog 0

Abutment analog

Abutment analog is a replica of the superior portion of a dental implant. Usually used to provide an exact form of the dental implant abutment within the dental laboratory during fabrication of a prosthesis...

Abutment 0


Abutment is that part of a structure that directly receives thrust or pressure; an anchorage. Abutment is a tooth, a portion of a tooth, or that portion of a dental implant that serves to...

Absorption of radiation 0

Absorption of radiation

Absorption of radiation is collision-like interactions between the individual particulate or quantum components of a beam of radiation and the subatomic parts of matter that occur at random during irradiation. Each interaction may result...

Absorption 0


Absorption is the uptake of substances into or through tissues, e.g., mucosa, skin, and intestine. In radiology, absorption is the uptake of energy by matter with which the radiation interacts.

Absorptance 0


Absorptance is the ratio of the radiant energy absorbed by a body to that incident upon it.

Absorbed dose 0

Absorbed dose

Absorbed dose is the amount of energy from ionizing radiation absorbed per unit mass of matter, expressed in Gray units.

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