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Acid etched bridge 1

Acid etched bridge

Acid etched bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis that is luted to tooth structures, primarily enamel, which has been etched to provide mechanical retention for the resin cement. Early design incorporated perforations on the...

Acid etched bonded splint 0

Acid etched bonded splint

Acid etched bonded splint is a fixed splint made of heavy wire, fibrous resin materials or/and cast metal that is bonded to the labial or lingual surface of natural teeth with an acid etch...

Achromatopsia 0


Achromatopsia is monochromatism. It is a type of monochromatism in which all colors are perceived as achromatic, called also achromatism, total color perception deficiency.

Achromatic 0


Achromatic is lacking in hue and saturation, therefore falling into a series of colors that varies only in lightness or brightness. It is possessing no hue; being or involving black, gray or white.

Acentric relation 0

Acentric relation

Acentric relation is any relationship of the mandible to the maxilla other than centric relation.

Accretion 0


Accretion is the process of enlargement or growth by a gradual build-up. In periodontics, the accumulation on teeth or dental implants of foreign material such as plaque, calculus, and materia alba.

Crown Lengthening 2

Crown Lengthening

A stable, healthy gingival margin and adequate exposure of the clinical crown is necessary prior to crown preparation to prevent exposure of the crown margin and root surface after the crown is placed. This...

Accelerator 0


Accelerator is a substance that speeds a chemical reaction. In physiology, a nerve, muscle, or substance that quickens movement or response.

Accelerant 0


Accelerant is a substance used to accelerate a process (as in enhancing the speed of a chemical reaction).

Abutment screw 0

Abutment screw

Abutment screw is that component which secures the dental implant abutment to the dental implant body.

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