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Activator is a removable orthodontic prosthesis intended to stimulate perioral muscles. Activator is any chemical agent which triggers an initiator chemical to begin a chemical reaction. It is a substance used in small proportions...

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Activated resin

Activated resin is a resin whose polymerization is initiated by a chemical activator.

Acrylic resin veneer 0

Acrylic resin veneer

Acrylic resin veneer is usually referring to fixed dental prosthesis, the veneering or lamination of the facial and/or buccal surfaces of a crown or fixed dental prosthesis using acrylic resin. The intention of such...

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Acrylic resin

Acrylic resin is pertaining to polymers of acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, or acrylonitrile; for example, acrylic fibers or acrylic resins. Acrylic resin is any of a group of thermoplastic resins made by polymerizing esters...

Acquired occlusal position 0

Acquired occlusal position

Acquired occlusal position is the relationship of teeth in maximum intercuspation regardless of jaw position.

Acquired eccentric relation 0

Acquired eccentric relation

Acquired eccentric relation is any eccentric relationship position of the mandible relative to the maxilla, whether conditioned or learned by habit, which will bring the teeth into contact.

Acquired centric 1

Acquired centric

Acquired centric is a relationship of the mandible to the maxilla other than centric relation.

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Acquire is to obtain as one’s own; to come to have as a new or additional trait, characteristic or capability. Acquire is attained with time.

Acid etched fixed partial denture 1

Acid etched fixed partial denture

Acid etched fixed partial denture is also known as acid etched bridge. It is a fixed dental prosthesis that is luted to tooth structures, primarily enamel, which has been etched to provide mechanical retention...

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