Segmented Fixed Partial Denture

A lot of times, we do long Fixed Partial Dentures for cases which are indicated for RPD. This is due to patient’s demand and his/her willingness to pay for fixed prostho treatment.

Long Fixed Partial Denture

Common problems with long fixed bridgework are inaccuracy of the final restoration due to cast errors, problems with non parallel abutments and difficulty to repair.

You may decide not to do it, but the dentist next to your office will do it anyway. So why not do it?

But instead of a long bridge, a Fixed Partial Denture can be done for such cases by segmenting it. By using attachments, segmented FPD can be done for the patient.

Segmented Fixed Partial Denture (Photo by Dr. Carlos Melo)

Attachments that are commonly used for segmenting

1. Rod and tube

Rod & tube

2. Tapered


3. Precision partial

Precision Partial

Characteristics of Segmented Fixed Partial Denture

Long FPD’s are prone to inaccuracy of castings (casting of metal substructure). This is automatically solved in shorter segmented parts.

Easier to repair
A segment can be easily removed and have it redone. But while removal and refabrication of the segment of the metal-ceramic restoration is the ideal solution, it may be temporarily repaired by using “Porcelain Repair Kits”.

For non-parallel abutments
2 parts can be made. The 1st part is cemented while the second part is cemented and secured to the first part via the attachment.

Written by:
Jesus Lecitona, DMD
Website: Dentures
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PDA Pangasinan Chapter
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