Loose Dental Crowns

When the dentist is faced with a mobile dental crown, a complete examination of the restoration and the abutment tooth should be undertaken. Loose dental crowns could be caused by:
1. Crown decementation, due to:

  • non-retentive tooth preparation.
  • caries.
  • dissolved cement.
  • excessive occlusal forces.

2. Crown fracture, which could be due to:

  • insufficient ceramic thickness.
  • too much occlusal forces.

3. Abutment fracture due to:

  • caries.
  • excessive occlusal forces.

4. Fracture / loosening of a post or an abutment screw in case of a dental implant, due to:

  • dissolved cement.
  • caries.
  • weak post.
Fracture of a metal ceramic dental crown

Fracture of the porcelain veneer of a metal-ceramic dental crown

For more information on the best possible Prosthodontic Treatment for your case, please consult your Dentist. “There is no online material nor website that can substitute for professional advice.”

[1] Owall B et al: Prosthodontics principles and management strategies. Mosby-Wolfe 1996

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