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Cost of Dentures

6 Responses

  1. Amanda Baucom says:

    Where can I get complete dentures with extractions and all on the same day with a set price? A plase that takes cash?

  2. cammie says:

    where can i go to get all my teeth pulled that are left on the same day getting dentures and someone being willing to take so much down there do payments on the rest i go to er two to three times a month bc of my teeth. that has a set price

  3. lenlen says:

    hi where is your clinic located? and how much do you charge for a flexible denture in my case, i only have my canine and one mollar on my upper. i just had my new acrylic denture few weeks ago and im not happy with how it looked on me. ty

  4. mar vella says:

    need price quote, have uppr dentures, but need replacemant…also now need lower also..please help, can’t smile too much!

  5. Tonderai says:

    I had been removable partial dentures for seven years. They do not fit snugly and I normally take them off to sleep. I lost my three teeth due to an impact injury. Is it possible to get more confortably-fitting permanent dentures and what would be the cost?

  6. dr. G.P.Sinha says:

    for best complete denture in India at low with us

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