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Fixed Moveable Fixed Partial Denture 4

Fixed Moveable Fixed Partial Denture

Fixed Moveable Fixed Partial Denture, as we define before, is a partial denture (bridge) with a rigid connector usually at the distal end of the pontic and a moveable connector that allows some vertical...

Fixed-Fixed Partial Denture 4

Fixed-Fixed Partial Denture

Fixed-fixed Partial Denture, also known as fixed-fixed dental bridge, is a design of fixed partial prosthesis that has a rigid connector at both ends of the pontic. This basic design of FPD has a...

Fixed Movable Partial Denture 7

Fixed Movable Partial Denture

Fixed movable partial denture is sometimes called as fixed free partial denture. It is a partial denture where the pontic is rigidly supported on one side, usually the distal end by one or more...

Tooth Preparation for Fixed Partial Denture 4

Tooth Preparation for Fixed Partial Denture

Tooth Preparation Amount of Reduction in Tooth Preparation for Fixed Partial Denture

Removable Partial Denture Attachment 3

Removable Partial Denture Attachment

Attachments for Removable Partial Dentures can be categorized into: intracoronal attachment or extracoronal attachment, rigid attachment or resilient attachment, and precision attachment or semi-precision attachment. Let’s limit the discussion on the first 2 categories...

Cantilever Fixed Partial Denture 2

Cantilever Fixed Partial Denture

Fixed partial dentures with cantilevers (CFPD) are among the treatment options for partial edentulism. A cantilever beam by definition (Tylman, 1970), is a beam that is supported by only one fixed support at one...

Unilateral Fixed Partial Denture 0

Unilateral Fixed Partial Denture

A lower Unilateral Extension Fixed Partial Denture was fabricated with the purpose of restoring the center of occlusion, and create a premolar occlusion. The Cantilever Fixed Partial Denture design will also provide functional stability...

Segmented Fixed Partial Denture 3

Segmented Fixed Partial Denture

A lot of times, we do long Fixed Partial Dentures for cases which are indicated for RPD. This is due to patient’s demand and his/her willingness to pay for fixed prostho treatment. Common problems...

Dental Screws in Dentures 4

Dental Screws in Dentures

To overcome problems in Prosthodontics, dental screws can be used. Screws may permit combination of advantages of fixed partial dentures and removable partial dentures. A Fixed Partial Denture is the restoration of choice where...

Fixed Partial Denture : Implant Angled Abutments 1

Fixed Partial Denture : Implant Angled Abutments

While tightening the abutment screw, correct position of the Dental Implant Angled Abutments for fixed partial denture is maintained by doing this procedure: A silicone putty index may be made from the master cast,...

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