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Absorptance 0


Absorptance is the ratio of the radiant energy absorbed by a body to that incident upon it.

Absorbed dose 0

Absorbed dose

Absorbed dose is the amount of energy from ionizing radiation absorbed per unit mass of matter, expressed in Gray units.

Abrasivity 0


Abrasivity is the property of one material to wear away another material by means of frictional contact.

Abrasive 1


Abrasive is a substance used for abrading, smoothing, or polishing. Abrasive is tending to abrade. It is causing irritation—abrasively adv, abrasiveness n

Abrasion 0


Abrasion is the wearing away of a substance or structure (such as the skin or the teeth) through some unusual or abnormal mechanical process. Abrasion is an abnormal wearing away of the tooth substance...

Abrade 1


Abrade is to rub away the external covering or layer of a part—comp ATTRITION, EROSION

Ablation 0


Ablation is the separation or detachment; extirpation; eradication. Ablation is removal of a part, especially by cutting.

Abfraction 0


Abfraction is the pathologic loss of hard tooth substance caused by biomechanical loading forces. Such loss is thought to be due to flexure and chemical fatigue degradation of enamel and/or dentin at some location...

Aberrant 0


Aberrant is a deviation from the normal or usual course, form, or location. It is the straying from the normal way.

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