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Accelerant 0


Accelerant is a substance used to accelerate a process (as in enhancing the speed of a chemical reaction).

Abutment screw 0

Abutment screw

Abutment screw is that component which secures the dental implant abutment to the dental implant body.

Abutment post 0

Abutment post

Abutment post is that component of a dental implant abutment which extends into the internal structure of a dental implant and is used to provide retention and/or stability to the dental implant abutment.

Abutment healing cap 0

Abutment healing cap

Abutment healing cap is any temporary cover used to provide a seal over the superior portion of a dental implant; most such covers are metallic and are intended for interim usage following exposure of...

Abutment driver 0

Abutment driver

Abutment driver is any hand instrument usually specifically made to assist in insertion and securing of a dental implant abutment to the superior portion of a dental implant.

Abutment clamp 0

Abutment clamp

Abutment clamp is any device used for positioning a dental implant abutment upon the dental implant body.

Abutment analog 0

Abutment analog

Abutment analog is a replica of the superior portion of a dental implant. Usually used to provide an exact form of the dental implant abutment within the dental laboratory during fabrication of a prosthesis...

Abutment 0


Abutment is that part of a structure that directly receives thrust or pressure; an anchorage. Abutment is a tooth, a portion of a tooth, or that portion of a dental implant that serves to...

Absorption of radiation 0

Absorption of radiation

Absorption of radiation is collision-like interactions between the individual particulate or quantum components of a beam of radiation and the subatomic parts of matter that occur at random during irradiation. Each interaction may result...

Absorption 0


Absorption is the uptake of substances into or through tissues, e.g., mucosa, skin, and intestine. In radiology, absorption is the uptake of energy by matter with which the radiation interacts.

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