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Adhesive resin 0

Adhesive resin

Adhesive resin is any resin material with incorporated adhesive chemicals such as organophosphates, HEMA (hydroxyethyl methacrylate), or 4-META (4 methacrylethyl trimellitic anhydride); in dentistry, it describes the luting agents used with resin bonded prostheses.

Adhesive failure 0

Adhesive failure

Adhesive failure is the bond failure at an interface between two materials due to a tensile or shearing force.

Adhesive capsulitis 0

Adhesive capsulitis

Adhesive capsulitis is within the temporomandibular joint, any situation in which the disk is in normal position, joint space volume is decreased, and motion is restricted.

Adhesive 0


Adhesive is sticky or tenacious Adhesive is any substance that creates close adherence to or on adjoining surfaces. Adhesive is a luting agent.

Adhesion 0


Adhesion is the property of remaining in close proximity, as that resulting from the physical attraction of molecules to a substance or molecular attraction existing between the surfaces of bodies in contact Adhesion the...

Adherence 2


Adherence is the act, quality, or action of adhering; persistent attachment.

Additive color mixture 0

Additive color mixture

Additive color mixture is the perceived color that results when the same area of the retina of the eye is illuminated by lights of different spectral distribution such as by two colored lights.

Adaptive occlusion 0

Adaptive occlusion

Adaptive occlusion is the complete intercuspation of the opposing teeth independent of condylar position, sometimes referred to as the best fit of the teeth regardless of the condylar position.

Adaptation syndrome 0

Adaptation syndrome

Adaptation syndrome is a syndrome characterized by alterations in response as an accommodation to the environment.

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