I need a Denture

Valerie’s Story : Hi its took a lot for me to send this !if i do am 36 years old and terrified of the dentist have been all my life ,am never out the house much I’ve no social life at all ,I have to get my mother to take my daughter to and from school ,and if i have to go out a do my best not to talk to anyone. Well here goes I’ve not got many teeth left and the front ones are brown yuk i only have 7 teeth at the top and gaps where the yuk ones have came out and 8 at the bottom please don’t think its because i don’t brush my teeth i always have , I’ve been to the dentist well a few over the years but this is realy getting me down i can’t take my daughter out my life is sitting in the house never smile just incase my yuk teeth show ,my daughter asked me mum can you take me to the softplay its ok mum just don’t talk and no one will see your teeth ,it broke my hart a so wish a could live a normal life insted of sitting about crying most of the day its nothing knew ,here goes can i ask you a big favour can you. Please HELP ME ? I need a life need to socialise make my daughter proud to be out with me. Thanks for takeing the time to read this i so so hope you can help me have a life , I would be over the moon if you could , I know am asking a lot am not a lucky person ,but to here back from you would make my dreams comes true i could even go to my sons wedding next year i could never go with yuk teeth a would’nt let his in laws see me infact I’ve never met them ,please help yours sincerely VALERIE CORBETT Xx

Dentures Cost Answer : You have to visit a charity dentist near you soon. Your dentist will do partial dentures for your missing teeth. http://costdentures.com/removable/equipoise-removable-partial-denture/

Equipoise Removable Partial Denture

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