Monthly Archive: September 2013

Removal of Partial Dentures 4

Removal of Partial Dentures

Question : How do I remove my partial dentures? Cost Dentures Answer : Remove your removable partial denture by the bases and not by repeated lifting of clasps away from the teeth with the...

Cleaning a Denture 1

Cleaning a Denture

Question : How do I clean my dentures? Cost Dentures Answer : Clean your dentures every morning and evening with a very soft-bristled brush and an alkali-free liquid soap. Rinse them thoroughly with cold...

Loose Dentures 0

Loose Dentures

Question : It’s been a year since I visited my dentist. My denture is loose. How can I tighten them? Cost Dentures Answer : Although the shape of the residual ridges changes with time,...

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