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Abfraction 0


Abfraction is the pathologic loss of hard tooth substance caused by biomechanical loading forces. Such loss is thought to be due to flexure and chemical fatigue degradation of enamel and/or dentin at some location...

Aberrant 0


Aberrant is a deviation from the normal or usual course, form, or location. It is the straying from the normal way.

Abbe flap 0

Abbe flap

Abbe flap is an eponym for a lip switch operation. A triangular, full thickness flap from the lower lip used to fill in a deficit in the upper lip. Specifically applied to the midportion...

Cost of Dentures in BC 0

Cost of Dentures in BC

Question : I have been searching in Google for the past couple of hours and I can’t find the answer. What is the cost of dentures in BC? Cost Dentures Answer : The cost...

Denture Teeth Whitening 0

Denture Teeth Whitening

Question : What can I use to whiten my dentures? Cost Dentures Answer : You can not whiten your dentures like you can whiten your natural teeth. If you want a lighter shade, your...

Denture Repairs and Super Glue 0

Denture Repairs and Super Glue

Question : If a denture breaks in two, can it be repaired? Can I use super glue? Cost Dentures .Com Answer : Most dentures that break with minor damage can be repaired. Don’t repair...

Cost of flexible dentures 2

Cost of flexible dentures

Question : Flexible dentures look good. What is the cost of flexible dentures? Cost Dentures .Com Answer : The cost of an upper or lower flexible denture is $1,000 and up. I agree that...

Cost for Dental Denture 8

Cost for Dental Denture

Question : How much is the cost for dental denture? CostDentures.Com Answer : There is no fixed cost for dental denture anywhere. The cost will vary based on the type of dentures, difficulty of...

Mandibular Dentures 1

Mandibular Dentures

Question : what is mandibular denture? CostDentures.Com Answer : Mandibular denture is also known as lower denture. It is a dental prosthesis fabricated to replace missing teeth and other associated oral tissues on the...

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