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Denture reline cost 2

Denture reline cost

Question : How much do denture relines cost? CostDentures.Com Answer : All removable dentures and partials needed to be maintained (relined, rebased, or remade) every 6 to 18 months. Dentures are relined for the...

Denture prices in Australia 0

Denture prices in Australia

Question : Hi. What is the price for dentures in Australia? CostDentures.Com Answer : There is no fixed price for dentures in Australia. There are many types of dentures and there are many factors...

Denture for upper incisor 2

Denture for upper incisor

Question : Two months ago, I had to have one of my upper front teeth pulled due to it being infected and unrestorable. What are my options for replacement? From least expensive to the...

IPS e.max Restoration 10

IPS e.max Restoration

Discolored teeth are often the result of root canal treatment. Although porcelain fused to metal restorations can cover discolored tooth, the metal coping causes gray line along the margin too show up. This is...

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